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   40 Days of Communion in Your Home e-book

A powerful primer to aid individuals and families in receiving the full benefits available through partaking of the Lord's Supper. Featuring daily Bible verses accompanied by short devotional passages, this booklet is designed to strengthen the reality of covenant living in your home and to enhance your intimacy with the Lord.

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Item Number: EB004 Price: $4.00

   Christological Astronomy e-workbook

Christological Astronomy is not astrology but the study of the Word of God written in the heavens, which offers an amazing picture of Yeshua our Redeemer and King. Also contained within these starry messages are the potential destinies of God's children who He foreordained to represent Christ upon the earth. This in-depth e-workbook gives students a basic foundation of this fascinating topic and then builds upon it so that they can interpret these messages and be encouraged to rise up to the high calling of Christ in their lives. Christological Astronomy is suited for individual or group study and a Certificate of Completion is available for those who complete all assignments.

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Item Number: EB009 Price: $25.00

   Circle on the Face of the Deep e-book

Far above the North Pole and visible against the night sky, there is a star-studded circle that has perpetually declared revelation and beckoned mankind to read and interpret its prophetic message since its creation. Although it has been virtually ignored since ancient times, the need to understand what it is saying is even more urgent now, since we are on the brink of its fulfillment! Find out for yourself what the Creator of the universe wants every man, woman, and child to read and understand.

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Item Number: EB011 Price: $10.00

   Devil, Give Me Back My Money! e-book

A despicable thief has robbed God’s children. Whether he’s stolen your money, your health, or even your family, it’s time for God’s people to develop an attitude and reclaim what rightfully belongs to them! This book will give you the truths necessary to do just that. Are you ready to take back what the devil has stolen from you?  

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Item Number: EB005 Price: $4.00

   Diverse Kinds of Tongues e-book

Delve into questions that have puzzled the church for centuries—What is speaking in tongues all about? Is diverse kinds of tongues the same as prayer in the Spirit? What role does diverse kinds of tongues play in the ministry of intercession?—Be prepared to see your prayer life brought to a much higher level as you glean the truths in this timely e-book.

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Item Number: EB016 Price: $4.00

   Exercising Spiritual Authority e-book

Exercising Spiritual Authority (ESA) e-book is a spiritual warfare manual of scriptural truths that have been tried and proven on the real battlefield of life to help Christ followers gain victory and fulfill their God-given destinies. The release of this powerful knowledge in book form is the fulfillment of a promise made to many who have attended the ESA classes that have been conducted worldwide for 25 years. These lessons remain fresh and vital, perhaps even more so now, as the time of Christ's return draws nearer.

ESA addresses the following questions and more:

  • How can I develop the right attitude of who I am in Christ?
  • How do I get rid of a victim mentality and walk in power and victory?
  • What is my spiritual domain and how do I establish it?
  • Can I use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to overcome darkness and enforce God's kingdom on this earth?
  • Are there secrets of authority that can conquer sickness, disease, and demonic captivity?

Learn how to become an equipped spiritual warrior who is trained, ready, and willing for the Master's use. Experience the thrill of true freedom that enables you to reach out and help others do the same. It's time to be "as He is" in this world by exercising the spiritual authority Jesus has given us!

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Item Number: EB013 Price: $20.00

   Interpretation of Tongues e-book

Interpretation of tongues, perhaps the least known gift of the Holy Spirit, is the foundation for learning how to hear and understand God’s voice. Are you able to distinguish the voice of God from your own thoughts? Do you know what to do next when the Holy Spirit comes upon you through speaking in tongues?

Unlock the biblical basis for using interpretation of tongues in your private prayer life and in a church service. Enjoy the fast track to learning to utilize this amazing gift in private and public settings. Redecorate your prayer closet with deeper spiritual intimacy when you begin interpreting what the Lord is saying to you in tongues. Step up to diverse kinds of tongues in the languages of men or angels and to interpreting those messages. Open portals of power you may have never before considered, such as commanding angels into spiritual warfare.

Interpretation of Tongues blends incidents and humor along with instruction on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and this gift of intimacy from the Lord. Sharpen your ability to hear His voice, understand His heart, and help bring His will to pass on earth.

Item Number: EB017 Price: $10.00

   Man Up Spiritual Warrior Devotionals e-book
Using literary license and a vivid imagination, these devotionals were written from a hindsight perspective of spiritual warriors of the faith (many of whom are listed in Hebrews 11). These personified insights reveal what they saw the Lord do through them and what was ultimately accomplished for His kingdom. In these end days, may these lessons encourage us to “man up,” sharpen our swords, and allow Him to do some courageous works through us!

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Item Number: EB010 Price: $5.00

   Mending Cracks in the Soul e-book

A powerful and delivering book covering the subject of memory healing through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Strongly grounded in biblical documentation and practical experience, Dale M. Sides teaches how a soul can crack due to trauma, how the Holy Spirit can reveal the truth, and how that crack can be forever mended. This book is an invaluable resource to those seeking freedom from the past and to those who minister healing.

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Item Number: EB014 Price: $10.00

   Realizing & Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry e-book

God has called each member of the body of Christ to a specific ministry—do you know what yours is? Discover His unique purpose for your life and how you can best serve Him and others with the abilities and calling He has given you (Ephesians 4:4–16).

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Item Number: EB001 Price: $0.00

   Studying War: They Continually Gather Together for War e-book

Warmongers really do exist, and their methods and schemes even go far beyond instigating wars. The Bible clearly identifies these children of darkness who line their pockets with blood money. In Studying War (the sequel to Exposing Sons of Belial), discover how these evildoers, with their goal of world domination and control, are unwittingly fulfilling end-time biblical prophecy. What the warmongers have meant for harm, God (Yahweh) can use to usher in His end-time plans.

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Item Number: EB006 Price: $5.00

   T.R.U.C.O.P.S. e-book

Jesus came to set the captives free, but many Christians feel inadequate to minister deliverance to those who need it. TRUCOPS (pronounced "tru cops") is a deliverance manual made simple. It offers a no-nonsense approach to deliverance, employing the acronym TRUCOPS to represent the major portals of demonic entry. Read this practical deliverance guidebook and build your faith to step out into the field of deliverance and boldly help yourself and others to be freed from demonic bondage. 

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Item Number: EB002 Price: $8.00

   The Cancer Answer e-book
Cancer has become a common ailment in modern times and millions of dollars have gone into research for its cure. And yet, tucked away in the research of Dr. Otto Warburg (winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize for Medicine) is a discovery that could save thousands of lives and fortunes in medical bills! Not only does this e-book draw on Dr. Warburg’s research, but it also shares what could be the greatest single tip to maintaining health.
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Item Number: EB008 Price: $3.00

   The Satanic Deception of Knife & Fork e-book

Statistics tell us that nine in ten Americans will die due to diseases caused by dietary deficiencies and deception. The thief (Satan) has come to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10), and he has stolen our knowledge of nutrition in order to ultimately destroy our spiritual destinies. Poisoning is a very effective strategy in warfare, especially when the victims like the taste of it, are ignorantly eating it, and are feeding it to their children and friends. Don't be a casualty of war; learn how to be free of this Satanic deception. You have a destiny and only one physical body in which you can accomplish it. Determine to run your course to the end and carry out your God-given purpose! 

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Item Number: EB007 Price: $3.00

   True Confessions of Spiritual Warriors e-book

When you hear the term "true confessions" you think about choice tidbits of juicy, basically unknown information from a person in the know regarding what is going on behind the scenes. That is exactly what this booklet is about. These testimonies from the great cloud of witnesses are full of insights and lessons to learn. They are not meant to be doctrinal assertions, but a different way to couch truth and offer wisdom into the deeper things of spiritual warfare. They are by no means "a word" from these great men and women of the Bible, but personified insights to help us all become better soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Item Number: EB015 Price: $4.00

   Understanding & Breaking the Schemes of the Devil e-book

This powerful and equipping e-book can change your life! Discover and identify the particular scheme that the devil has perpetrated against you personally. Then, armed with solid biblical and practical understanding of how the scheme works, learn how to break that scheme with the sword of the Spirit.

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Item Number: EB003 Price: $5.00

   Where Are the Apostles?

Where are the apostles? This question begs to be answered not only by potential apostles but by every believer in the body of Christ. This provision of leadership has been questioned, denied, and ignored; but as it properly reenters the contemporary church scene, great growth could result! Discover the long lost truths of this ministry and reactivate this vital provision to help equip the saints and edify the whole body of Christ.

C. Peter Wagner, founder of The International Coalition of Apostles, said of Where Are the Apostles? "This is a highly readable book—it makes a long story short! In my opinion, there is no better entry-level book on apostles and apostolic ministry available today."

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Item Number: EB012 Price: $5.00

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