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Massing of Planets and
Celestial Prophecy of May 6, 2002

by Dale M. Sides

There is an occurrence of the Word of God written in the heavens that you should be aware of and should pay close attention to. It is a message for the church to hear and heed. Psalm 19:1 testifies that "the heavens declare the glory of God" as exemplified by Jesus' first coming being celestially announced by "His Star." This aspect of scripture in the heavens is not commonly taught, but Psalm 19:2 still says, "day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge." As leaders in the church, we need to see what God is about to do. (Amos 3:7) This is an amazing truth. We have all wondered how all the nation of Israel could have been asleep and not seen the announcement of the first coming of Jesus Christ, but the church is still just as uninformed as Israel was in their day.

Before dispensing with the news of this coming celestial phenomenon and a little about how to read it, may I add that we have done well to receive the office of a prophet and the gift of prophecy. However, neither of these carry a grain of sand in comparison to the prophetic knowledge given in the heavens. This is what God used to announce the first coming of His Son and He is doing it again. The devil has muddied the water with his perversion of astrology in trying to hide true Biblical astronomy. Reading the prophetic Word of God written in the heavens is the truly valid and reliable place of prophetic prediction with which no one can argue. God set these things in order even from when He created the heavens and earth. (Genesis 1:14,15)

I hear so many prophetic words that when I do see or hear one, I have to fight from being the one to whom it was said, "despise not prophesyings." This announcement is different because it cannot be coming by the will of man, out of anyone's soul, or subject to private interpretation. Absolutely no one has "perverted this text." This is not goofy, nor is it new age. It has the Biblical substance behind it to verify the authenticity and is the chiefest among God's preferred methods of announcing His coming events. He did it for Jesus' first coming. Would He do less for the one coming upon us now? If you have never heard of this kind of prophetic revelation, you are in for an amazing lesson and even if you have, when you see what is being announced, this will most certainly rivet your soul to the reality of the return of the Lord and the establishing of His kingdom.

Now, to the matter at hand, for the past seven years the heavens have been ablaze with end-time prophetic information. We can see certain aspects of end-time fulfillment in written scripture, like Israel becoming a nation in 1948 and in current news items like the rise in the number of earthquakes. These are fantastic and valid, BUT to properly triangulate a location, three points of reference are needed. The truth revealed in the heavens will give us the third position. (If we use prophetic utterances as the third position, we will be only as close as the accuracy of prophecy takes us. I am reminded that John and Charles Wesley, having only two points of reference, almost decided to not come to America because they were sure of the Lord's return.) When we use the Word of God written in heavens as the "present truth" this verifies our position on God's time line.

To understand this announcement, it will help to have a little insight about how to read the text in the heavens. The constellations called the Mazzaroth (Job 38:32) in the Bible serve as the backdrop against which the sun, moon, planets and comets move. Each constellation has a meaning according to the Hebrew star names (Psalm 147:4) and therefore has a spiritual understanding and application when these wandering celestial bodies move in front of them. It really is a simple concept, but the beauty of this is that God pre-programmed everything to move in His course and timing before He started the heavenlies spinning.

For example, Jesus' birth was pre-planned and the announcement set to occur right on Gods' timing according to His foreknowledge. This is what makes this announcement coming up in early May so amazing. It is announcing what God has planned since He made the heavens and earth.

Most people are familiar with "His Star," which announced Jesus' birth, but also accompanying this celestial announcement was the event told of in Revelation 12:1 and 2. (This will provide an example of how to read the Word of God in the heavens.) The woman clothed in the sun is Virgo. The star names within Virgo show that this is the constellation of the seed of the woman and the constellation that the sun was in front of when Jesus was born. When the moon was under her feet (at the new moon) marks the day when He was born. We therefore know that Jesus was born on the new moon of September or on Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets. (Actually Jesus was born on Tishri 1 of 3 BC sometime between 6:18 and 7:45 pm because this is when the moon was at Virgo's feet and when she was clothed with the sun.

To further show the reliability of celestial announcements, His Star (Matthew 2:2) is apparently the planet Jupiter that came into triple conjunction with Regulus, the King Star in Leo. Leo is the Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH (Genesis 49:9; Revelation 5:5). This announcement is what triggered the wise men to come to see Him Who was born King of the JUDEANS. That is how reliable and accurate the Word of God written in the heavenlies is. They are God's handiwork-what He displays on his coffee table and brags about when guests visit. So, this is not guesswork or astrology, but an exacting study of God's promised events to come to pass as He pre-programmed it in the heavenlies when He started the whole heavens and earth into spin. These announcements are not like the prophecies we hear from men. They do not come through the filter of the mind but straight from heaven to earth-in pictorial language, one that everyone can understand.

Now what the heavens are showing as the present truth, and have been showing for the past seven years, is the end-time fulfillment of the age in which we are now living. There have been more celestial phenomena in the past seven years than there were in the combined 2,000 years before. The major displays have been extraordinary eclipses, appearances of comets and major massings of planets. (A massing of planets is when a number of planets show up in the same constellation at the same time. This is what is coming up on May 6.) Many of these massings and celestial announcements over the past seven years have taken place in the "heel" constellations.

The Heel Constellations are the ones that show Genesis 3:15, the Lord's heel being bruised by Satan's head. The massings of planets in these have been showing the fulfillment of the end-time promise of crushing Satan under His feet. Specifically, the massings and/or other phenomenon have been in relation to Ophiuchus (the serpent holder), Hercules (the strongman of heaven), and Orion (the light bearer). All of these show aspects of Jesus' coming.

The present truth that is about to be shown and will crescendo in early May is a massing of planets in Taurus. Taurus, according to the star names in the constellation, is depicted as a bull, demonstrating the domination of the Lord in the Kingdom coming to the earth. What this shows us is fantastic. It is announcing the long awaited and prophesied retribution of God's wrath against the devil.

This massing of planets includes Mars, Venus and Saturn, and they will converge in their closest proximity in Taurus on May 6. Mercury will closely flank the phenomenon so, in reality, four planets are involved in this event. To interpret this we also need to know that each planet has a character it represents: Venus-Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star; Mars-Michael, the Warrior Prince; Saturn-Satan, the Rebel, and Mercury-Gabriel, the Messenger to God's People. The closest triangulation will occur on May 6, but on May 10 Mars and Venus will actually touch in appearance from earth. This shows the closest possible working between Jesus and Michael (the Prince who fights for Israel). They will "tag-team" against Satan (Saturn) in Taurus, showing the end-time fulfillment and defeat of Satan in the coming age. Though it is doubtful that this is the exact timing of the fulfillment of Revelation 20:1-3, it is a close facsimile where Jesus will give the word to Michael and he will bind Satan for a 1,000-year period. This is a preview of "coming attractions."

This is the grand finale of what has been announced for the past seven years. Some Biblical astronomers believe that these celestial events, beginning with the massing of the planets under the heel of Ophiuchus in November of 1995 all the way through to May 2002's events, have been giving the previews of the Great Tribulation. If this is the case, it may show that the Great Tribulation is about to begin. With the uprisings going on in Israel and other contemporary events, it will be interesting to see what develops.

All of this is an amazing spectacle to behold, and yet it gets even greater. Out of nowhere a comet has come. It was not predicted because no one knew where it was or when it would come. To top off the massing of planets in Taurus, the comet (named by astronomers as Utsunomiya) will be in the head of Taurus ON THE SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about prophetic, present truth. This is God exclamation point at the end of the sentence.

Even as amazing as the appearance of this comet is, another comet is in the heavens now too. Its name is Ikeya-Zhang. It will be positioned between the heel of Hercules and the head of Drago on May 7, just as all the events in Taurus are unfolding simultaneously. This sounds like the Day of the Lord coming as a thief in the night, unannounced and unnoticed, and in the mouth of two witnesses, the truth is established.

Incidentally, these two comets were both in the constellation of Andromeda during Passover of this year. Andromeda means "Israel afflicted" and this was the day the Palestinian homicide bomber attacked the Passover Seder in Israel. Utsunomiya was entering Andromeda as Ikeya-Zhang was leaving it during the Passover season.

These are all singularly impacting events, but putting all of them together is a major, major, major celestial announcement. Even though time and date cannot be specifically forecasted, since no man knows the time and hour, we should expect to see major events unfolding around Israel. It could mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation since this concludes celestial phenomena that have been occurring for almost seven years.

Unfortunately, just as it was when Jesus was born, basically the whole world, including Christianity, is asleep in the light of God's brilliant light show. He is again announcing future events that will change the world. He is revealing what is coming to pass-preplanned and pre-scheduled by His omniscience millennia ago-right on His scheduled timetable.

To view this massing of planets, you'll be able to see them getting closer and closer together as the day approaches. The closest triangulation of planets will happen in the head of Taurus at sundown on May 6, so begin watching for it even now. Mars and Venus will actually overlap in appearance on May 10. In addition, Venus and Mars will be in the horns of Taurus joined by a beautiful crescent moon on May 14. To find Taurus, face the setting sun (westward) and turn slightly to the right. At about 30 degrees off the horizon, you will see Taurus with the three planets in the head. (Refer to Chart 266, attached.) The comet Utsunomiya will be just below the planets in direct alignment with Mercury, which represents Gabriel announcing the event. (You may need binoculars to see the comet well.)

The charts accompanying this article will help you visualize what is going to be seen and help you to realize what you are looking for. The first one will show you the actual star chart of what will be seen on May 10. The others are pictorials depicting the comet locations on May 7.

Chart One

Chart Two

Chart Three

As you read this in time, you can announce this to the people of your church. It would also make an amazing night fellowship and teaching on Biblical prophecy. The massing of planets may be mentioned in headline news, but now you know the Biblical significance, how to find them and what this really means. This, more than any other presentation of the "Bible," is an exhibition of the promises and fulfillment of God.

In closing, I must give credit to my mentor and teacher of these things and direct you to his web site and ministry for more details. Even though I have kept my head in this for about twenty years and learned the basics of these truths from E.W. Bullinger's book, Witness of the Stars, the man responsible for keeping so much of the Christian world up to speed on this subject is Bob Wadsworth. Bob is the real heart and head of these matters and is the interpreter of these details. His heart for the Messiah is as big as the sky. I would encourage you to log on to his web site, read more details about this celestial phenomenon, and subscribe to his newsletter that will keep you posted on what God is doing in the heavenlies. His web site is www.atlbible.org/astronomy.htm.

Bob's latest update on this entire phenomenon is posted now at www.atlbible.org/astronomy/02may.htm. There is much more information along with how to get a copy of his book if you want to know more about this. He also has listed the events that will occur 1,260 days (3½ years) from the date of the event. I thank God for Bob and his tireless, sleepless nights searching the heavens for the "present prophetic truth of the heavenlies. He is a true watchman on the wall and reveals more "truly" reliable prophetic "present truth" in his newsletters than most of what we read as "prophecies." He has been featured by The Prophecy Club and is a true provision to the body of Christ.

Even though this article is sketchy, if you would like to study this more, I have done an audiotape set on "It is Written in the Heavens: How to Read and Interpret the Word of God Written in the Stars." I have also done a number of teachings on this subject, one of which is "The Heavens Declare-He Comes Quickly," an exposé on the comets of 1996 and 1997 whose paths intersected in the forehead of the Medusa (prophetic of Goliath and the anti-Christ). You can get them through our web site www.LMCI.org

The next major massing of planets is scheduled in about twenty years and will not be visible since it will be in the constellation that has the sun in its foreground too. From a Biblical perspective, the significance of this is magnitudes above Haley's comet and the real significance is that God is about to do a thing on the earth.

Don't miss it. Please check out Bob Wadsworth's web site and subscribe to his newsletter. It will bless you and keep you and God's people informed. Locate Taurus before May 6 and take your people out to see it. It will go down below the horizon about 9pm Standard time, so don't be late for the show. Bob would be a better person to answer questions that you may have, but feel free to email or call me 540-586-5813 if I can help you.

What an exciting time to be alive and in ministry. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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