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Dealing with Multiple-Personality Disorders

by Dale M. Sides


During a deliverance session of casting out demons in an Exercising Spiritual Authority class recently, I told the students that the points I was teaching would cover 95% of the situations where demons had access to someone. In my mind I knew that dealing with multiple-personality disorders would take some special handling that I was not going to publicly teach. This was basically the 5% that I was referring to, and that has prompted me to write this information in order to supplement the materials that I usually teach in the class.

Therefore, this expose on the subject is directed toward individuals that have some background knowledge on the subject of demonology. It is however simple and straight forward enough for even a novice to understand, but I would suggest in practically applying this to partake of some basic instruction on demonology—either in an Exercising Spiritual Authority class or from some other reliable source.

In the class where I made this statement, as you might expect, the unpredictable occurred, and a situation arose of this nature. Although these disorders are not common enough to publicly teach in every class, enough of these exist to warrant instruction. Therefore I submit this information to further enhance your understanding and ministering capabilities. I will give you some background on how multiple personalities develop, some illustrations of these, and how I have personally dealt with them. The purpose of all of this is that the people are reconciled within themselves and ultimately to the Lord.

If you have never heard of this scenario before, it may seem a little strange at first. If you are unfamiliar with this, additional understanding will help if you are ever faced with this. I was first introduced to this in ministering to people that absolutely swore that multiple-personality disorders were absolutely not demonic. Having some background in the spirit realm, I knew that it was related to the presence of evil spirits, but I could also see that there was something else going on that I had not yet put my finger on.

While in Washington DC last year, a lady asked me if these disorders were soulish or spiritual. My response to her was, "Both. If you deal with only one, the deliverance will not be complete since you may cast an evil spirit out, but if the "portal" though which it has access is not closed, the demon will only come back later." She was elated to hear this since that is what she had been taught at a ministerial training course, "Healing through Deliverance" from Elell Ministries in Toronto, Canada.1

Understanding Multiple-Personality Disorders

A background understanding of demonology, spirit, sold and body, and some biochemistry will add a deeper perspective on this. This type of spiritual malady is typically passed along to psychiatrists, and actually many seminaries teach ministers to not deal with these. Hopefully this study will help you if you are called upon to deal with a related situation, since the Word of God tells us that we are able ministers by the power of the Holy Spirit. So, we are equipped spiritually to handle these as you are led by the Holy Spirit. With this background information you may not need to defer this to others, especially to psychiatrists that have no knowledge of the spirit realm. If you do need some additional assistance, then perhaps this will give you valuable understanding to better communicate the needs of the person.

A multiple-personality disorder, or MPD, is a form of schizophrenia. The word "schizophrenia" is derived from the Latin root schizo- split and phrenia- mind. By strict definition, this would be a divided soul. Do not confuse this with being double-minded, which is a case of the same mind going in two directions. Schizophrenia is not simply a distraction or a temptation, but is an actual partitioning of the mind or soul. This is not someone being strongly tempted or even seduced by an evil spirit to go a different way, but is when the person actually changes personalities and often does not even remember what transpires when the other personality is active. The schizophrenic would be a soul or mind that is actually divided, partitioned or fragmented into different parts. This would indicate that the same spirit of man would have different personalities. Schizophrenia indicates two personalities, like Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde, but MPD indicates multiples, or possibly more than two personalities. This is also becoming known as an Associative Disorder within psychiatric medicine.

Obviously this is not normal, and therefore is a spiritual matter. There is an evil spirit involved in this "soul-split," but the problem in ministering to this is not just in casting out the spirit, but also in determining what allowed the initial entry to the spirit. As in most all cases of demon occupation, the reason why the demon has access and is in the person is because a "legal" portal of entry gave him access initially. In most situations this is sin, but in this case, as we will see, it is usually extreme trauma. The rule in demonology and casting out demons is: when evil spirits are removed the cause of occupation must be known and the entry portal must be closed to keep them out.

43 "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. 44 "Then he says, 'I will return to my house from which I came.' And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Matthew 12:43-44

Shutting the portal of access is the focal point in all deliverances and in the case of an MPD this is especially true. This would be similar to eliminating alcohol from an alcoholic for deliverance to be complete. This is vital and often when not dealt with properly makes for a worse situation afterwards. (This is often the case when spiritually uninstructed people, even psychiatrists, deal with these.)

"Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first."     Matthew 12:45a

The portal of entry for a MPD, or soul-split, is extreme trauma. The trauma is so severe that the person, as a mechanism of mental self-preservation and trying to survive a desperate situation, develops an unusual and specific case of denial. As opposed to completely denying that the situation happened, a fragment of the soul is compartmentalized to deal with the pain. The separate personality develops out of this compartment. In other words, instead of totally denying the incident, the individual creates a separate personality to deal with it instead of personally handling it. The compartment of the soul is divided from the rest of the soul and hence is fragmented.

The typical scenario where this fragmentation arises is at a point of extreme trauma. It could be a frightening experience such as a near death encounter, or witnessing a murder, or being raped, or sexually abused, or a severe injury. It could even be when someone is deeply rejected or humiliated, etc. At the time this happens, because the trauma is almost unbearable, the individual experiences this most extreme form of denial and thereby the fragmentation of the soul causes the ensuing dilemma of multiple personalities.

On the spiritual side however, at the same time of the trauma an evil spirit enters the person because certain biological conditions and mental instability allows the spirit access. Therefore, the initial access of the evil spirit in a MPD and where the fragmentation of the soul occurred is the same place. This is also thereby where the other personality originates.

Psychologically, when the trauma is so intense, the body will autonomically secrete adrenaline. Adrenaline, or epinephrine, is a super-concentrate of sugar that produces extra ordinary strength in the body in times of stress and actually prevents demons from gaining access to neural pathways at that time. However, when denial occurs, this is an operation from the will and thereby creates a condition whereby an evil spirit may gain access into the body.

(Repetitive secretions of adrenaline are a major factor in demons gaining control in people in many situations, not just in MPD. Often individuals become "adrenaline junkies" and seek situations that cause this natural secretion, and thereby open the portal for demonic control. The demon then is actually the one that receives the satisfaction and convinces the person that whatever the activity is that creates the situation is "fun." Perhaps one of the more recently accepted places where this adrenaline surge is prompted is in video games or "virtual reality.")

The personality disorder will emerge when at time of stress, especially in a related event concerning the initial trauma. An adrenaline surges will occurs (body), and the portal of the initial, un-reconciled offense (in the soul) will allow the evil spirit to take control (spirit). It may appear that the problem is in the body and the soul, but actually the evil spirit is the one that reopens the alternate personality. The problem is not the adrenaline, but the un-reconciled trauma that gives the demon access. The only remedy is to treat the soul, not the body.

Medications given to treat mental disorders are substances that either have high ionizing properties or are depressants that slow body metabolism down. The ionizing substances build artificial neural pathways around the actual location in the brain where the memory of the initial trauma occurs. The depressants keep the body in a slower metabolism where the individual is less likely to secrete adrenaline.

Obviously the treatment is not to prevent adrenalin from being secreted, which is a natural process, but to treat the initial trauma. When dealing with this, often, but not always, the person will default into the alternate personality and actually begin conversing with you from inside the fragmentation. This is not hypnotism or psychological manipulation, but allowing the personality to emerge so that the trauma can be dealt with and the portal whereby the evil spirit enters can be closed. A novice may unknowingly thing that this is an evil spirit manifesting itself, but is the other side of the partitioned soul. The partitioned soul is injured and will be seeking help. If an evil spirit emerges and communicates during this time, it will be to prevent healing.

Often the personality will be the same age as the person was when the trauma occurred. It probably will have the similar traits that the scenario generated. For example, if the trauma was terrifying then the personality will be extremely fearful, or if the trauma was sexual, then a sexual imbalance will be manifested. If the situation dealt with an injury, surgery or a related physical accident, then continual infirmity may be manifested in the body. The solution is to eliminate the fear or anxiety that the initial incident caused. This should be done by ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


I will give you a couple of examples to show how these fragmentations occurred and how they inter-relate with the evil spirit that was demonizing the person. In these, I will also show how the trauma was ministered to and then the evil spirit cast out, thus making the deliverance complete. The specific way this is accomplished is obviously in being led by the Holy Spirit. These examples are given to show how patterns, but not a specific method of deliverance. These illustrations are true accounts but enough variation is given in each one to prevent divulging privacy.

Illustration #1:

A middle aged woman, just at the hint of life threatening situation such as a car pulling out in front of her, would break down into terror and begin shaking uncontrollably. In a ministering situation, a word of knowledge was given that at the age of 12, she watched a horror film and was terrorized from that point on. At the time of the terror, she fragmented in her soul and an evil spirit entered at the same time. At times of threatening fear, the spirit would take control of her. In ministering to her, a young girl’s personality was observed. The trauma of fear was ministered to the young girl by leading her to the Lord and thereby the portal of entry of the demon was closed. The evil spirit was then cast out and the middle aged woman taught about applying the blood of Jesus in the presence of fear and how to quote scriptures to stop the onslaught of a returning demon.

Illustration #2:

An older woman at the suggestion of a relationship with a man would break down into uncontrollable anxiety. Upon ministering to her, a small child’s personality emerged. As the child was question, it was discovered that her dad had unduly punished her to the point of suffocating her. The demon would seize her at the time when she became closely associated with a man. The personality of the small child was led to forgive her dad and to trust the Lord for His protection. The spirit of fear was then cast out and the child was told, "It’s okay to grow up now. The personalities were merged back into reconciliation and the older woman taught about how to handle anxiety and the threat of dealing with men. She was delivered from the anxiety and released to having meaningful relationships with men.

Illustration #3:

A man would unpredictably say and do sexually perverted things when in life’s normal activities. Upon ministering to the man, it was discovered that he was made to have sexual relations with his uncle as a small boy. The pain was so great that the fragmentation occurred and when saying or doing sexually perverted things, he would not remember doing them. In a ministering situation, the initial offense of the uncle was discovered, the personality of the young boy forgiven of the shame and led to the Lord to forgive the uncle. The spirit was cast out and the "door" to sexual perversion was closed.

Illustration #4:

An older woman would actually fragment into a different person and become intensely hateful toward anyone around her. This happened at certain times of threatening situations when anyone of a "superior" authority would be working with her. Upon ministering to her, a young girl’s personality emerged and when questioned, it was discovered that her fragmentation occurred when her brother raped her. The young girl was led to forgive him and the spirit of hatred was cast out. (There were other personalities present with her that had to be dealt with also.) The older woman was counseled to apply the blood of Jesus to thoughts of hatred and given scriptures to memorize to strengthen her soul against offense in this area.

Practical Keys to Ministering to MPD

In dealing with these disorders, it is good to know that if there is one fragmentation, it is quite possible that more than one will exist. This is because the individual is prone to this special kind of denial and would respond the same way as before in another potentially traumatic situation. Also, evil spirits are gregarious and like the company of others. They may open the door for others to come in to invade the mind and body at other traumatic times in the person’s life. Watch for more than one.

These illustrations show patterns of deliverance. Specifically, when the trauma is identified, the portal whereby the spirit entered is revealed. Then by ministering to the situation and to the specific personality, i.e. quelling the fear by trusting in the Lord, or forgiving the person that performed the rape, or letting God deal with the person if forgiveness is in order, the door whereby the evil spirit is demonzing the person can be closed. Once the door is closed, then cast the spirit out. (If the spirit is cast out before the door is closed, then if the door is not closed immediately, then the spirit will return and usually with more wicked spirits with him.)

One of the major keys in generating wholeness is to merge the fragmented personality back into wholeness with the real person. This can be done by dealing directly with the personality and giving the spiritual solution to the fragmented personality. This may even mean leading the personality to salvation and actually telling it that it is okay for it to go grow up now or simple that it is not needed anymore and that it can go away. When you are talking to the fragmented personality, you are not talking to the evil spirit unless the gift of discerning of spirits reveals this to you.

Once the fragmentation is removed by dealing with the personality and merging it back within the real person, then the evil spirit MUST be cast out, and since the portal whereby it has had access is now closed, it can not come back. Accompanying instruction must be given to help build strength in the soul where the fragmentation and weakness has been. Giving specific scriptures to memorize and use during difficult times will be more helpful.

Be very cautious about advising anyone about medication. If you do, you are liable. The medical professionals operate through diagnosis; spiritual counsel is given by Epignosis.2 If the person is on medication and asks you what to do, you may want to direct them back to their doctor to ask about "tapering off" the medication. Their success involves spirit, soul and body.

It is very important to apply the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, since even though the person may seem victimized by the event he or she nonetheless is accountable for their own life of denial. If they apply the blood of Jesus to forgive the sin and close the access of the evil spirit into their life, remember to instruct them to forgive the person committing the offense, if applicable, and also to forgive themselves. The person must be counseled and told how to handle problems that reoccur. They should verbally apply the blood of Jesus if the spirit tries to re-enter and should emphatically re-state their deliverance and the legal grounds of their wholeness.

This article has been written and directed toward someone having knowledge of the evil spirit realm and some experience in dealing with casting out demons. This is not meant to be exhaustive on the subject but more of an overview of this particular problem. Obviously the only way that this can be adequately dealt with is through revelation by which certain details are revealed and casting out demons by the working of miracles.

Obviously, the person that had the fragmented personality and in whom the evil spirit was will need the oversight, continual care and counseling as the Holy Spirit directs. Love, understanding and acceptance is necessary. The input of the specific Word of God that will minister to the weakness of the person’s soul will obviously be needed. Each situation is different, but through the power of the Holy Spirit and His leading, you are an able minister and can handle these difficult situations.


End Notes:

I have since read the books related to this course and attribute much of my understanding to this source. It is the most thorough teaching and practical application of these truths of which I am aware.
Diagnosis is derived from a Greek word which indicates arriving at a decision through observation, dia = through, gnosis = knowledge. Epignosis is the biblical Greek word for revelation, epi = over, gnosis = knowledge, meaning that which is over our natural knowledge, as revealed by the Holy Spirit.

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